1965 Cutlass Radios

We have three different 1965 Cutlass radio options to fit your vehicle without having to modify your dash. All of our 1965 Cutlass radios offer modern technology and still maintain that classic, vintage styling so that they do not look out of place once installed. The most basic 1965 Cutlass radio we offer is the USA-230. The USA-230 is an AM/FM radio with an RCA, auxiliary input so that you can play your iPod, iPhone, Android or any other device with a head phone jack or RCA output. Our top of the line model is the USA-630 which features 300 watts of power (45W x 4 RMS), AM/FM, auxiliary input, a USB port, the ability to add a CD changer, a direct iPod connection and the ability to add Bluetooth via the BluKit Bluetooth adapter.
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