1964-1966 GMC Truck Radios

Classic Car Stereos offers four different radio options for your 1964-1966 GMC Pickup Truck. We offer retro GMC Truck radios from both Custom Autosound and Antique Automobile Radio, each model will fit in your dash without any cutting required and offer modern features such as a digital tuner and an auxiliary input. Our Custom Autosound 1964-1966 GMC Truck radios have a classic, analog look while the radio is turned off and a digital look that we are familiar with when the radio is turned on. Antique Automobile Radio classic stereos are 100% exact replicas of the original and come with Bluetooth built into them. These radios function near identically to the stock radio with original a die-cast nose piece, pushbuttons, knobs and a digital tuner. These models combine modern technology with classic car features all while having Bluetooth connectivity in an OE looking unit. Don't forget to stock up your GMC pick-up with some new speakers to go along with that new but vintage looking radio!

*There is a helpful table at the bottom of this page to help you better understand the difference between each of the Custom Autosound radios (USA-230, USA-740, & USA-630).

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