1957-1958 Oldsmobile Radios

We offer three different models that will fit 1957-1958 Oldsmobile. We have three different models designed to fit in the dash of your vintage Olds. There are also some Oldsmobile vehicles that may need specific dash dimensions in order to build the perfect radio for your dash. We have the basic model, USA-230 stereo, a more upgraded model in the USA-630, and our newest model, the USA-740. Keep the vintage look in your 1957-1958 Oldsmobile classic, while getting all the benefits of a modern radio with the USA-230, USA-630, and USA-740 stereos. These radios are designed to fit in the original dash location without having to make any modification in your classic. Shop now at Classic Car Stereos. Below is a chart to help you decide which radio works best for you!
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