1953-1954 Oldsmobile Radio

Classic Car Stereos is your premier retailer for classic looking radios with modern technology for your 1953-1954 Oldsmobile. With radios made by Custom Autosound, the industry leader in classic radios, you can never go wrong with any of their classic models. There are three different models to choose from. The basic model is the USA-230 which offers AM/FM radio with an Auxiliary Input in the rear of the radio. The next level up is the USA-630 which is the same radio but also offers a USB port and has the option to add Bluetooth adapter kit and a single disc CD player. The newest and best model is the USA-740. This stereo now has Bluetooth built into the radio. Each model will fit in your dash without any cutting required and offer modern features that you won’t find anywhere else for your 1953 and 1954 Oldsmobile vehicle!
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