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Kick Panel Speakers

Custom Autosound kick panels offer the ability to add speakers to your classic car while still maintaining most of the original appearance. The kick panel location offers the best acoustics available without cutting holes into the body or door of your vehicle. These Custom Autosound speaker kick panels are made of ABS plastic and come with a black textured finish that can be painted to match the interior of your vehicle.

We offer these speaker kick panels with several different speaker options. Most Custom Autosound kick panels come with 6.5" speakers, while some models come with 4"x6" speakers due to limitations with the kick panel shape and the body of the car. With the 6.5" speakers, you have two different options for speaker brands, Custom Autosound or Pioneer. In addition, many of these speaker kick panels are available without speakers for folks that already have speakers or are looking at going in a different direction with their speaker choice. The GM A-body kick panels from 1968-1972 for vehicles without air conditioning are only available with speakers due to the sliding vent design.