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Ford Truck radio replacements that fit the original dash openings of 1951-1952, 1968-1972 and 1973-1979 Ford trucks. All of our Ford Truck radios feature an auxiliary input so that you can play music from an iPod, iPhone, Android, satellite radio tuner, or other device with a headphone jack through the speakers of your classic Ford truck. Our Ford truck radio models all come with a 2 year warranty and are officially licensed by Ford and come with the Ford logo on the front of the radio.

The USA-230 Ford truck radio is an AM/FM radio with an auxiliary input and 200 watts of power. The USA-1 Ford truck radio is an AM/FM cassette radio with an auxiliary input. The USA-630 Ford truck radio features AM/FM, auxiliary input, a USB port, a CD Changer controller, a direct iPod connection and the ability to add Bluetooth by purchasing the BluKit Bluetooth accessory.

For the 1953-1967 Ford truck models, we do not have original replacement radios that fit your original dash opening without you having to make modifications. If you have a radio within these years, you have a couple different options. If your dash has been cut, you can supply us with those dimensions under our Custom radio section and we can possibly build a radio that will fit what your dash has been cut to. If your dash has been cut for a DIN sized, modern radio, we offer the USA-4 DIN sized radio that has an in dash cd player, but is designed to look classic. Finally, if you still have your original radio, you can opt for the Secretaudio SST or Secretaudio SRMS, which are hiddnen radios. With the Secretaudio you would hide the brain of the radio, while either using the wired LCD display, or the 2.4 gHz wireless handheld remote to control your radio.

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