Positive Ground 6V to 12V Converter

Positive Ground 6V to 12V Converter
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    Product Description:

    The PGPI is a 6V to 12V converter for vehicles that still have a 6V, positive ground electrical system. All of our radios run on a 12V, negative ground electrical system, so this device is necessary if you are still running positive ground. The PGPI positive ground inverter comes with detailed wiring instructions. We recommend using the MEMMOD memory module in conjunction with this device in order to retain your presets. If you do not use the memory module, you will lose all memorized stations when the vehicle turns off because it will not have a 12V constant supply.


    6V to 12V Positive Ground Inverter Features:
    • Will Operate 12v Negative Ground Accessories on 6-8v Positive Ground Electrical Systems
    • Can Continuously Supply more than 3.5 Amps with Engine Off
    • Can Supply 5 Amps w/ Engine Running
    • Very Efficient Design only draws 10 mA when No Load is Applied
    • Not Recommended for Power Actuated Door Locks, Trunk Release Solenoids, or other Electro-mechanical Devices

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