1951-1952 Ford Truck Radio, USA-630

1951-1952 Ford Truck Radio, USA-630
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    The 1951-1952 Ford Truck USA-630 is our top of the line 1951-1952 Ford Truck radio and the ideal replacement radio for your vehicle. This radio has been redesigned and improved with 300 watts of power (45 W x 4 RMS or constant) and the iPod connection is now built into the back of the radio so you no longer need to purchase the iCAMKIT separately.

    The 1951-1952 Ford Truck USA-630 fits in your stock dash location without any modifications required. This 1951-1952 Ford Truck radio features AM/FM stereo, a USB port for a flash or thumb drive, direct iPod connection, a CD changer controller, RCA auxiliary input and the ability to connect the BluKit and add Bluetooth capability to your 1951-1952 Ford Truck. The 1951-1952 Ford Truck USA-630 has 4 channel pre-amp outputs so that you can add an amplifier if you choose. This radio does come with the RCA cable for the auxiliary input and a USB flash drive. The auxiliary input, USB Port and iPod connection are located on the rear of the radio in order to keep the radio looking classic with the 5 push buttons along the face of the radio. We recommend running the cables for these inputs into the ash tray, glove box, or any other location that will work for your needs. For the USB port, you may need to purchase a USB extension cord, but these are readily available at your local Best Buy, Radio Shack or other local electronics store.

    Wiring Diagram:

    Wiring Diagram for 1951-1952 Ford Truck Radio, USA-630

    Owners Manual:

    Owners Manual is available for download. Manual is posted for customer reference only. Click arrow to view manual.


    1951-1952 Ford Truck USA-630 Features:
    • AM-FM Stereo
    • 300 Watts (4 x 75 Peak, 4 x 45 RMS)
    • Electronic Tuning & Volume Control
    • USB Port
    • Ability to add Bluetooth with optional BluKit accessory
    • Direct iPod Connection & Control (Classic Wide Connector)
    • Direct CD Changer Control
    • 2 Channel RCA Aux Input for iPod or Satellite Radio Tuner
    • Alpha Numeric id3 Display for MP3/WMA (USB)
    • 4 way fader
    • L/R Balance
    • Digital Clock
    • 12 FM and 4 AM Presets
    • 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs for an external amplifier
    • Bass & Treble Controls
    • Power Antenna Lead
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the radio come with a bezel?
    No, the radio does not come with a bezel. It installs from behind the dash and the picture shows the radio installed in the dash.

    Does the radio come with a harness?
    All radios come with a new wiring harness that you will need to splice and connect to your vehicle's electrical system.

    Can I use my Original Knobs?
    Original radios were "D" shafts and our radios are split shaft. To make the originals work you need to remove the insert and install a piece of metal for the split shaft.

    Where are the Auxiliary Input, USB Port and iPod Connections?
    The RCA auxiliary input, USB port and iPod connections are on the back of the radio to maintain the classic styling on the face of the radio.

    How Deep is the Radio Itself?
    The USA-230 and USA-630 require 6.5" of mounting depth, while the USA-1 requires 7".

    Can I use my iPhone to connect to the iPod Connection?
    The iPod connection comes with the classic iPod, 30 pin connector. The direct iPod connection does not work with iPhone or iPod touch. If you have an iPhone, we recommend the BluKit for Bluetooth connectivity or you need to use the RCA auxiliary input that plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone.

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