Custom Autosound

We are proud to exclusively offer Custom Autosound classic car radios. They are the leader in modern radios that fit the dashes of classic vehicles. In the beginning they started making cassette players back in the 1977. Since then, they have continued to expand their products to fit more vehicles while keeping up with the ever changing technology of the consumer electronics industry. Custom Autosound manufactures three different in-dash replacement radios for classic cars. With each model available there is one to suite your needs be it an AM/FM radio with an auxiliary input with the USA-230, AM/FM cassette radio that’s specific to the USA-1 or, a USB port and Bluetooth technology capability with the USA-630.


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Custom Autosound

Custom Autosound is the leader in modern radios that fit the dashes of classic vehicles. We work closely with Custom Autosound to make sure we are offering their complete product offering. Custom Autosound is continuing to broaden and improve their product line. As the 12-volt consumer electronics industry evolves, so does their product line. There are a few things that set Custom Autosound apart from every other vintage radio manufacturer:
  • Officially Licensed - They are licensed by GM and Ford to put their logos on the radios
  • No Assembly Required - Your radio is custom kitted to fit your dash out of the box.
  • 2 Year Warranty - Custom Autosound radios come with a 2 year warranty,longer than most limited warranties