1958-1961 Chevy Nomad/Wagon Sound Deadening Kit Complete Car

1958-1961 Chevy Nomad/Wagon Sound Deadening Kit Complete Car
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Product Description

The HushMat complete vehicle sound deadening kit for 1958-1961 Chevy Nomad comes with 155 square feet of material in order to cover the entire interior, of your 1958-1961 Chevy Nomad. This 1958-1961 Chevy Nomad sound deadening kit covers the firewall, floor, tunnel, doors, roof, trunk, rear wheel wells, and quarter panels. The 1958-1961 Chevy Nomad sound deadening kit uses the HushMat Ultra sound deadening pads with a silver foil backing in order to block 50% of the low frequency (up to 1000Hz) noise and 40% of the thermal transfer. Hush Mat Ultra sound deadening is MADE IN THE USA IN KANSAS. Furthermore, HushMat is the only sound deadening product on the market that is SAE APPROVED (Society of Automotive Engineers). The SAE is the standard that is used within the automotive industry to qualify products and suppliers for the OEMs (GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, etc.) This is the same product that is used on the brand new cars today.

The difference between HushMat and the other products on the market is the material composition and the adhesion. HushMat uses a 3-butyl rubber compound and does not use any plastic or asphalt fillers. As a result of this, HushMat's product can withstand extreme temperatures from -30 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit while still maintaining its adhesion and this product comes with a100% adhesion guarantee. Also, other products stop working and get viscous when they reach temperatures above 170 degrees. They start getting goop-ey and they stop damping the noise.

HushMat Ultra has the easiest and fastest installation on the market. You are not required you to clean all surfaces with harsh chemicals prior to installation, although we do recommend vacuuming and installing it on the cleanest surface possible. This product is a peel and stick application and does not require any special tools. You can cut it with household scissors, it does not get rock hard in cold weather like other products, and on warm summer days it does not get too floppy that it just folds over on itself. The 1958-1961 Chevy Nomad complete sound deadening kit is the ultimate solution to insulate your classic vehicle from both noise and heat.