1949-1950 Ford Dual Dash Mount Speaker

1949-1950 Ford Dual Dash Mount Speaker
Item #: 1006-Ford-4950



Product Description

Replacing your stock radio is only the first step to improving the sound of your classic car. The next necessary step to achieving a complete stereo sound is replacing your stock mono speakers with quality stereo speakers. Our solution for your 1949-1950 Ford is to install Dual Dash Mount Speakers manufactured by Custom Autosound.

These speakers consist of two, 3.5" speakers that are mounted on a plate to give you stereo sound from the original mono speaker location. This speaker is designed to fit in applications where the speaker mounts with screws.

Each 4 ohm, 3.5" speaker will connect directly to your Custom Autosound radio. If you have an original, 8 Ohm or 10 Ohm radio, this speaker will not work. You must use this speaker with radios designed for 4 ohm applications.