The System Speakers

The System speakers from Custom Autosound is a great way to add high quality sound to your classic vehicle without having to make major modifications or build custom kick panels or enclosures. We offer the system in both amplified and passive versions. The amplified version comes with an 8" subwoofer, similar to an Undercover-2 speaker that has a build in amplifier and cross over to power both the woofer and the satellite speakers. The passive version features a dual voice coil, Undercover-1 style speaker with a built in cross-over.

The System satellite speakers are designed to look like astro air-conditioning vents so that they can be mounted under your dash and still maintain a classic look. The subwoofer speakers are designed to fit under a seat and both are 3" tall. We recommend The System 1 as it provides the best full range sound, offering crystal clear highs, and enough bass for good sound, but nothing that will rattle the neighbors.
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