Secretaudio from Custom Autosound is a hidden, classic car radio system allows you to remotely mount a radio anywhere in your vehicle and use either a wired, LCD controller or a wireless, hand-held remote in order to control your radio. The Secretaudio is commonly mounted underneath a seat or in the trunk of the vehicle while the controller is either mounted flush in the dash (SST) or stays with your in your pocket, console, passenger seat, etc (SRMS). Secretaudio is very popular among the muscle car, hot rod and street rod crowds. Many times these classic cars either never had a radio in the dash to begin with, have a custom built dash that does not have a radio opening, we are not able to offer an in-dash solution, or they still have the original radio in their car and want to preserve that 100% original look. Both the Secretaudio SST and the Secretaudio SRMS systems offer the same features on the radio itself, the only difference is the user interface whether it is wired or wireless. Please note, the Secretaudio SST cannot be converted to a Secretaudio SRMS.

All Secretaudio radios come with 200 watts of peak power (50W x 4) and feature an AM/FM digital tuner, an RCA auxiliary input, a classic iPod connection, the ability to add a CD changer and the ability to add Bluetooth via the BluKit. In addition to those features, Secretaudio, hidden classic car radios come with 5 channel pre-amp RCA outputs that will allow you to connect a 5 channel amplifier or a 4 channel amplifier and a separate bass, or subwoofer amp.
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