Hertz Classic Car Dash Speakers

Get top quality Hertz dash speakers that will enhance the way you listen to audio in your interior. Hertz Audio has been in business for over two decades and has been supplying the best dash speakers on the market for a long time. Hertz Dieci Dash Speakers are of the best in the business and are different from other dash speaker on the market because they use a PEI Tweeter Domes to make your bass even deeper and the sound a lot smoother. Hertz Dieci uses Neodymium material to protect your speaker’s texture from corroding or breaking down from wear and tear. Our Hertz dash speakers are durable and efficient allowing you to play any kind of audio without the possibility of having constant distortion coming from your speakers. These dash speakers differ from others on the market in that they run well with wiring directly off the radio and the sound comes from one single speaker location.
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