Classic Truck Subwoofers

In your classic truck, adding a subwoofer will fill in the bottom end of your sound for a well-balanced great sounding system. We are not talking about subwoofers like the kids have where you can hear it bumping at a stop light from 4 cars back. We are talking about simply adding that low end for a complete system. Think of a high quality home audio system. They have subwoofers, but it isn't anything absurd like the annoying guy at the stop light. It just simply brings out the bass in the music so that it sounds the way it is supposed to. We offer classic trucks subwoofers in low-profile enclsoures as well as self powered solutions from top brands such as Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, JL Audio and more. For the best bang for your buck with a subwoofer, we recommend the Kicker CompRT or the Kicker 11HS8. The 11HS8 is self powered, the CompRT enclsoure will require you to have a separate amp.
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