Classic Truck Stereo Packages

Our classic truck stereo packages are designed to give you a complete, fantastic sounding stereo system without forcing you to do a bunch of research and match components together. We did the research and the hard part for you! We offer classic truck stereo kits that include a classic truck radio from Custom Autosound and/or Antique Automobile Radio along with an amplifier, speakers, a bass solution, and all the wires required to connect everything together. In doing this too, we also save you over $125! We mainly keep our kits within the same brand so that you are getting the same sound from the the speakers and the amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers are designed to work well within the power output and handling specs. These classic truck stereo packages are designed to be installed while keeping your vehicle intact. Some kits offer subwoofer boxes that require that you have moved the fuel tank from the behind the seat, but many trucks over the years have already undergone this modification. Save money and get great sound with classic truck stereo packages from!
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