Classic Truck Dash Speakers

Our classic truck dash speakers allow you to play in steeo from a single dash speaker location. All of our classic truck radios offer modern technology and therefore play in stereo. The original radios in most classic trucks played in mono. In order to play in stereo from a single speaker we essetnailly make 2-in-1 speakers. There are two different styles, a classic truck dual dash moutn speakers and a dual voice coil speaker. The dual dash mount speakers consists of 2, 3.5" or 4" speakers that are mounted to a plate and then mounted in the vehicles dash. The classic truck dual voice coil speakers are single, 6x9, 4x10 or 5x7 speakersthat have 2 tweeters on them, 1 for the left channel and one for the right. You end up connecting all 4 front speakers wires (left and right, positive and negative) to one speaker in order to get this outcome. We typically recommend our Kicker dual dash mount or Rockford Fosgate dual dash mount speakers when available as we feel that the tweeters sound better than the tweeters in the other available speakers.

Please note that it is important to not the ohm rating on your radio. If you have an original radio, our speakers MAY work, but you will likely have to wire them in series as these are 4 ohm speakers. If you do not wire them correctly, it can and will burn up your original radio.
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