Classic Truck Amplifiers

We offer a wide range of clasic truck amplifiers that will take your stereo system to the next level. An amplifier increases the amount of power going to your speakers for cleaner, clearer, crisper, louder, and just overall better sounding audio system. We are particularly fond of the Rockford Fosgate mini amplifiers as they offer virtually unlimited mounting options can truly pack a punch with the amount of power they put out. You have likely invested a significant amount of time and/or money into your classic truck and we feel like spending the extra, couple hundred dollars on an amplifier is well worth it. You will just enjoy driving your truck that much more and in grand scheme of your project or restoration, a couple hundred bucks is probably a drop in the bucket. If you have a newer car and it has a premium sound system, that is becuase it has an factory, amplified sound system. Now consider that the amps and speakers we offer are far superior to those, for a couple hundred extra bucks, you can have fantastic sound quality while cruisin' in your truck.
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