Boss Marine

Boss Marine Audio offers a huge selection of marine audio components including Marine Speakers, Marine source units, and marine audio and stereo packages. Marine Audio proudly features "Full Marinized" products. This means that all of Boss Marine's products are Weather Proof. They used high-tech, state-of-the-art waterproofing materials, special UV coatings for plastic surfaces, coated circuit boards and connections to protect against the harsh outdoor elements and resist corrosion.

The selection of source units allow you to listen to your favorite tunes however you want. Stream music and make and receive calls wirelessly with Bluetooth enabled devices. Play and control your favorite music streaming devices through the audio streaming protocol A2DP. Or simply plug in your MP3 or Smart device into the auxillary input and get the tunes flowing!

Detachable front panels are a built-in security feature of Boss Marine source units that are designed to deter theives. The detachable front panel allows you to remove the entire, or in some cases, a portion of the front control panel, rendering the radio useless if stolen. The in-unit Pre-Amp outputs allow you to really turn up the tunes by enabling you to expand your system.

If you are serious about having fun out on the water, it is time to invest in a sound system for your boat that will really bring the party to life.
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