1954-1956 Buick Roadmaster Radios

We have three different classic looking radios with modern technology designed to fit in the original dash of your 1969-1963 Buick Roadmaster. The basic model is the USA-230, which is AM/FM and has an auxiliary input to connect your iPod, phone, or mp3 player through the headphone jack. The next level up is the USA-630 model. This is an AM/FM radio, has an auxiliary port, a USB port, it’s compatible with our single disc CD-Changer, and has the ability to connect to our Bluetooth Adapter Kit. Our newest model is the USA-740. This radio has everything the USA-630 model has but now comes with integrated Bluetooth, so you don’t need any additional adapters. Don't forget to stock up your classic 1969-1963 Buick Roadmaster with some new speakers to go along with that new but vintage looking radio!

*There is a helpful table at the bottom of this page to help you better understand the difference between each of the Custom Autosound radios (USA-230, USA-740, & USA-630).

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