1956-1965 Porsche 356 Radio, USA-1

1956-1965 Porsche 356 Radio, USA-1
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    Product Description:

    The Porsche 356 USA-1 is an AM/FM replacement radio and our only Porsche 356 radio that offers a cassette player. This Porsche 356 radio features 200 watts of power and an auxiliary input on the back so that you can plug an iPod, iPhone, separate satellite radio tuner, Android or any other device with a 1/8” mini stereo, headphone jack. The Porsche 356 USA-1 fits in your stock dash location without any modifications required.

    In addition to the features listed above, this Porsche 356 radio features 4 channel pre-amp outputs so that you can add an amplifier if you choose. Also, the Porsche 356 USA-1 radio is available with either a chrome or a black nose piece. We typically recommend chrome unless you have completely blacked out your dash. The black nosepiece tends to look a little 80’s. For the auxiliary input, we recommend running the cable into the ashtray, glove box, or any other location that will work for your needs.

    Wiring Diagram:

    Wiring Diagram for 1956-1965 Porsche 356 Radio, USA-1

    Owners Manual:

    Owners Manual is available for download. Manual is posted for customer reference only. Click arrow to view manual.


    Porsche 356 USA-1 Features:
    • AM-FM Stereo
    • 200 Watts (4 x 50 Peak)
    • Auto-Reverse Cassette Player
    • Electronic Tuning & Volume Control
    • 2 Channel RCA Aux Input for iPod, Satellite Radio Tuner, Etc.
    • 4 way fader
    • L/R Balance
    • Digital Clock
    • 18 FM and 12 AM Presets
    • Preset Scan
    • 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs for an external amplifier
    • Bass & Treble Controls
    • Power Antenna Lead
    • Available with Chrome or Black Nosepiece
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the Radio Come with a Bezel?
    No, the radio does not come with a bezel and the picture shows the radio installed in the dash.

    Does the Radio come with a Harness?
    All radios come with a new wiring harness that you will need to splice and connect to your vehicle's electrical system.

    Can I use my Original Knobs?
    Original radios were "D" shafts and our radios are split shaft. To make the originals work you need to remove the insert and install a piece of metal for the split shaft.

    Where is the RCA Auxiliary Input?
    The RCA auxiliary input is located are on the back of the radio to maintain the classic styling on the face of the radio. The cable does come with the radio

    How Deep is the Radio Itself?
    The USA-1 has a 7” mounting depth, while the USA-230 and USA-630 have a 6.5” mounting depth.

    Should I Choose a Chrome or Black Nosepiece?
    The picture shown is a chrome nosepiece. We typically recommend chrome unless you have completely blacked out the dash of your vehicle. Chrome has a more classic look, while the black nosepiece tends to look like it is from the 1980’s.

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